[KIIP level 5] Lesson 4: 한국의 교통과 통신 Transportation and communication in South of Korea


<Page 27> SECTION 1/교통수단에는 어떤 것이 있을까?

교통수단 : means of transportation
발달하다: to develop
도로상에 : Ton the road
일정하다 : constant
간격: interval; space; distance; gap
위치하다 : to be be situated; to be located
목적지 : destination
주변 : being around
전광판 : electronic signboard
편리하다: convenient; handy
노선도 : route map; line map
목적지: destination
부근: neighborhood; vicinity
노선 : route; line
비교적 : being comparative
장점: strength
운행거리: Operating distance, running distance
승객: passenger
데리다 : to bring with
정해지다 : to be be set, to be arranged, to be settled, to be decided, to be determined
경로: course; route
다소: more or less
수록 => A connective ending used to imply that as the extent of the preceding statement becomes larger, that of the following statement also changes accordingly.
부과되다: to be imposed, to be be charged extra
모범택시 : luxury taxi; deluxe taxi
제공하다: to provide; to offer
대형택시 : large taxi
시외버스 : intercity bus
고속버스 : express bus
고속철: high-speed rail; high-speed train
더욱: more; further

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환승제도: transfer system
일정하다: constant
금액 : amount
충전하다: to recharge, to fill in
포함하다: to include; to cover; to comprehend
할인받게 되다: to get a discount.

횟수: number of times; frequency

<Page 28> SECTION 2: 한국에서 많이 사용되는 통신수단에는 어떤 것이 있을까?

통신수단: means of communication
멀리 떨어져 있다: to be be far away
주고받다: to exchange
는 물론: An expression used to indicate that the whole sentence, including the preceding statement, is naturally so.
장치 : device; apparatus; equipment; solution; measure
연결되다: to be connected
유선 전화: wire telephone; corded telephone
대다수 : majority
각자 : each; individual
발달하다: to develop
자유롭다: free
통신망: information network
개별: being separate; being individual
보급되다: to be supplied; to be diffused; be distributed
태블릿 PC: a tablet.
무선통신: wireless communication
늘어나다: to increase; to swell

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알아내다: to find out
범죄: crime
빼가다: to take out
사례: example; case; precedent
낯설다: strange, unknown; unfamiliar; unacquainted
데리다: to bring with
적히다: to be written; to be listed
접속하다: to connect
유출되다: to be leaked
뱅킹: banking
보안카드: security card

입력하다: to input
집주소: home address
자세하다: detailed; minute; particularized
검찰청: Public Prosecutors’ Office
한국정보보호진흥원: Korea Information Security Agency

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