N에게서 Show the beginning point of an action

꽃이 참 예뻐요.
The flowers are very pretty.
어제 친구에게서 받았어요. 어제가 제 생일이었어요.
I received them from my friend yesterday. Yesterday was my birthday.
그래요? 선물을 많이 받았어요?
Was it? Did you receive many gifts?
네, 많이 받았어요.
Yes, I did.
It is attached to a noun for people or animals to show the beginning point of an action. ‘에게’ is a short form for ‘에게서’ and ‘한테서(한테)’ can be used in conversation.
에게서 편지를 받았어요.
I received a letter from my daughter.
선배에게서 책을 빌렸어요.
I borrowed a book from my superior.
사촌에게서 고향 소식을 들었어요.
I heard from my elder cousin brother about hometown news.
Related words
딸 a daughter
선배 a superior, a senior fellow
사촌 a cousin
소식 hometown news


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