N이/가 몇 N 있어요?

사무실에 직원이 몇있어요?
How many employees are there in the office?
스무 명 있어요.
There are twenty employees.
외국 사람은 몇 명 있어요?
How many foreigners are there?
두 명 있어요. There are two foreigners.
N이/가 몇 N 있어요?
It is used to ask the quantity. ‘몇’ is used in front of a countable noun.
필통에 연필이 몇 자루 있어요?
How many pencils are there in the pencil case?
사무실에 컴퓨터가 몇있어요?
How many computers are there in the office?
냉장고에 콜라가 몇있어요?
How many bottles of coke are there in the refrigerator?
외국 사람 a foreigner
연필 a pencil
대 counting unit for machines
병 counting unit for bottles


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