[KIIP level 5] Lesson 5: 한국의 대중매체 Mass media in South of Korea

<Page 31> SECTION 1: 한국에는 어떤 방송과 신문이 있을까?


•안팎: inside and outside, interior and exterior, being approximately
•소식: news
•여러가지: various
•접하다: To learn (about/of), to hear
•습득하다: to acquire
•유용하다: useful/ to misuse; to divert
•제공하다: to provide
•대표적: representative, typical
•대중매체: mass media
•상식: common sense
•흥미: interest; curiosity
•흥밋거: 흥미를 일으킬 만한 일.
•공중파: public television or airwaves
•채널: channel
•방송하다: to broadcast
•방송사: broadcasting company
•교양: refinement
•오락: entertainment
•두루: without exception
•수신료: license fee
•N(을/ 를 ) 비롯하다: to start from…/ to begin from…
•실시간: real time
•사건: incident; event; affair; accident; case
•화제: title; name; topic; subject; issue
•지면: paper
•보여주다: to show, to let
•정치: politics
•일간지: daily newspaper, daily (paper)
•전문적: specialized
•전하다: to deliver; to give, to pass on, to tell, to remain, to be passed on
•지방 : area; district
•지역: area; region
•정기구독: standing orders; regular subscription

공중파: public TV (network)
채널: channel
부담: burden, obligation
자유롭다: free
시청하다: To watch and listen to a television broadcast with one’s eyes and ears.
단: just; but
수신료: (radio/television) license fee
장점: strength

<Page 32> SECTION 2: 한국에서 인터넷은 어떻게 사용되고 있을까?

•발전하다: to progress; to develop
•스스로: oneself, by oneself
•찾아내다: to find out
•전달하다: to convey; to communicate
•공유하다: to share
•방식: way; means
•연결되다: to be connected
•얻다: to get; to receive
•평가받다: to be evaluated
•널리: widely; extensively
•손쉽다: easy
•문서: document
•분야: field; sphere
•이민자: migrant
•출신: social status; former title; previous position
•주목하다: to watch; to pay attention
•실시간: Real time
•의사소통하다: To communicate

파고들다: to burrow into, to snuggle into
카카오톡: Kakao talk
트위터: Twitter
페이스북: Facebook
블로그: Blog
나누기: division
특성: characteristic; trait; feature
기업: company; enterprise; business
마케팅: marketing


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