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Korean Grammar in use (Advanced)

There are Korean Grammar in Use (advanced) online lessons based on the 'Korean Grammar in Use' book. You can keep track of your study...

[Korean grammar] -(으)ㄹ세라, -는 양,-는 한편,-(으)ㄹ 턱이 없다

The expressions we will study here are not used as frequently as the ones we studied but they sometimes appear on Korean proficiency tests....

[Korean grammar] 피동 and 사동

The expressions you will learn in this section are made by adding suffixes to certain words to make them into their respective passive and...

[Korean grammar] -(으)므로, -(으)나,-(으)며

The expressions we will learn here are used primarily in written language and formal situations such as speeches and presentations. They can be used...

[Korean grammar] 하게체 Expressing Honorifics

가: 박 군. 오래간만이네. 어서 오게. 무슨 일인가? Hey, Park. Long time no see. Come over here. What happened? 나: 교수님, 그동안 안녕하셨습니까? 다른 게 아니라...

[Korean grammar] 하오체 Expressing Honorifics

가: 영화가 생각보다 재미있네요. 여양 씨는 어땠어요? That movie was better than I thought it was going to be. What did you think of it,...

[Korean grammar] -(으)ㄹ래야 -(으)ㄹ 수가 없다 Expressing Emphasis

가: 부장님, 항상 일찍 출근하시더니 오늘은 웬일로 지각을 하셨어요? Manager, you always arrive to work early, so why were you late today? 나: 나도 이제 나이가...

[Korean grammar] -기가 이를 데 없다 Expressing Emphasis

가: 지난 주말에 ‘명성황후’라는 오페라를 봤는데 배우들의 연기가 훌륭하기가 이를 데 없었어요. Last weekend, I saw the opera Queen Myeongseong, and the acting was excellent...

[Korean grammar] 여간 -지 않다 Expressing Emphasis

가: 조금 전에 집에 오는 길에 갑자기 큰 개가 튀어나와서 여간 놀라지 않았어요. I was very surprised when a big dog ran out in front...

[Korean grammar] -(으)ㅁ에 따라 Expressing Situations and Standards

가: 스마트폰이 이제는 생활필수품으로 자리 잡았는데요. 그런데 사용자 수가 증가함에 따라 그에 따른 부작용도 만만치 않습니다. Smartphones have now become a necessity in daily life....
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