[Korean Expressions] 2. Transportation 교통


1. 공항버스 타기 Taking The Airport Bus 

A: 공항버스 매표소는 어디 있어요?
Where’s the airport bus ticket counter? 

B: 4번 게이트 옆에 있습니다.
It’s next to Gate 4.

A: 명동에 가려면 몇 번 버스를 타야 돼요?
Which bus do I have to take to go to Myeong-dong?

B: 6001번이나 6015번 버스를 타시면 돼요.

You can take bus route number 6001 or 6015.

Bus driver:

큰 가방은 버스 아래 칸에 넣어 주세요.
Please store your big baggage under the bus 

작은 가방은 가지고 타세요.
Carry the small bag onto the bus.

#Purchasing Airport (Limousine)
Bus Ticket
Airport buses, also called limousine buses, are the most popular means of transportation to and from the airport. You can purchase bus tickets at the airport bus ticket counter or vending machine and book the tickets on the internet or on the mobile app 
#Airport Bus Baggage Claim Ticket
You can check in up to 2 pieces of luggage for free. Additional luggage is subject to an overcharge when riding the airport bus. If you check in your luggage, you would have to show this ticket when you get off the bus, so be sure not to lose it 
Remember words:
무인 발권기 Vending Machine 
출발 시간 Departure Time
우등 Deluxe 
직행 Direct
짐표 Baggage Claim Ticket 
버스 시간표 Bus Schedule
첫차 First Bus 막차 Last Bus
심야 버스 Late-night Bus

2. 지하철 타기 Taking The Subway

A: 지하철은 어디에서 타요?
Where do you take the subway?
B: 여기 엘리베이터를 타고 지하 1층으로 내려가세요.
Take the elevator to B1.
A: 티머니 카드는 어디에서 살 수 있어요?
Where can I buy a T-money card?
B: 편의점이나 자동판매기에서 살 수 있어요.
At the convenience store or vending machine.
A: 여기에서 명동역까지 어떻게 가요?
How can I get to Myeong-dong Station from here?
B: 공항철도를 타고 서울역까지 가서 4호선으로
갈아타시면 돼요.
Take the Airport Railroad to Seoul Station and transfer to Line 4.

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#T-money Card
T-money cards are essential when using public transportation in Korea. You can use it to take the bus, subway, and even a taxi. The fare is cheaper when using the T-money card over cash, and you can receive discounts when transferring from different forms of public transportation. Purchasing and charging T-money cards can be done at subway stations or convenience stores that offer “Transportation Cards & Charging Stations.” You can choose an array of T-money cards from characters to celebrities.

Most of the major cities in Korea have several subway lines. If you carefully look at the subway
map and transfer, you can easily arrive at your destination. You can receive a discount if you
transfer from the subway to a bus or a bus to another bus. Discounts are only applied when
you use the transportation card, and you must tap the card before exiting the public transit.
The allotted time to transfer to receive a discount is 30 minutes (60 minutes from 21:00~07:00) upon exiting the public transit, and the discount does not apply when you take the same bus route.

Remember words:
교통 센터 Transportation Center
공항철도 Airport Railroad
타는 곳 Platform
요금 Fare
경유지 Layover
목적지 Destination
운행 시간 Operating Hours
반대 방향 Opposite Direction
출구 Exit

2. 버스 타기 Taking The Bus 
A: 이 버스를 타려면 어디로 가야 돼요?
Where do I take this bus?
B: 저기 중앙차로에 있는 정류장에서 타면 돼요.
Go to the bus stop in the center of the road.
A: 이 버스 명동호텔 앞에 가요?
Does this bus stop in front of Myeong-dong Hotel?
B: 네, 갑니다.
Yes, it does.

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#Bus Stop & Bus Information
Depending on the bus route you are trying to take, the bus stop will either be located in the center or on the side of the road, so be sure to check before getting on the bus. Bus stops usually have a “bus stop display.” In a glance, you will know the bus route information such as the location of the bus and the estimated time of arrival.

#Express Bus & Intercity Bus

If you want to go to another city by bus, take the express bus or intercity bus. The express bus stops at a rest stop for long-distance rides. Other than that, the express bus will go non-stop on the highway until reaching its destination. Although it is for the same destination, the intercity bus will make more stops along the way compared to the express bus so the travel time is longer and the bus fare is cheaper.

Remember words:
버스 정류장 Bus Stop 
중앙차선 Central Line 
신호등 Traffic Light
횡단보도 Crosswalk 
시외버스 Intercity Bus 
경부선 Gyeongbu Line
호남선 Honam Line  
3. 택시 타기 Taking A Taxi 
A: 택시 어디에서 타요?
Where do we take a taxi?
B: 호텔 앞에 택시 정류장이 있습니다.
There’s a taxi stand in front of the hotel.
A: 기사님, 인천공항으로 가 주세요.
Driver, please take us to Incheon International Airport.
B: 네, 알겠습니다.
A: 공항까지 얼마나 걸려요?
How long does it take to go to the airport?
B: 보통 한 시간쯤 걸려요.
It takes about an hour.
A: 어디에서 세워 드릴까요?
Where should I drop you off?
B: 저 10번 게이트 앞에서 세워 주세요.
Over there in front of Gate 10, please. 
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#Taking The KTX <For those who want to travel away from the city, try the KTX!>

Remember words:
주소 Address
미터기 Meter
할증 Surcharge
우회전 Right Turn 
카드 단말기 Card Machine
기본요금 Base Fare
고속도로 통행료 Highway Toll
좌회전 Left Turn
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