[Korean Expressions] 3. Accommodations 숙소


1  체크인하기 Checking In 
A: 안녕하세요? 체크인하려고 하는데요.
Hello. I want to check in.
B: 네, 여권 좀 보여 주세요.
Yes, please show me your passport.
A: 방은 금연실이지요?
The room is non-smoking, right?
B: 네, 금연실입니다.
Yes, it’s a non-smoking room.
A: 한강이 보이는 방으로 줄 수 있으세요?
Can I get a room with a view of the Hangang River.
B: 잠시만요. 네, 가능합니다.
One moment, please. Yes, you can.
A: 전망 좋은 방으로 주세요.
A room with a nice view, please.
B: 죄송하지만 전망 좋은 방은 다 찼습니다.
I’m sorry, but all the rooms with a nice view are taken.

#Looking For Accommodations
You can easily search the internet or use accommodation apps to find places to stay in
Korea. You can receive a variety of information about Korean on the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) website (https://korean.visitkorea.or.kr) or through its app. Seoul Tourism Organization and other local tourism agencies also provide tourist information on their websites

#Guest HouseThe guest houses are unique in Korea. Depending on your traveling preferences you can choose a place with access to convenient transportation near tourist areas, that allows you to experience ondol for the first time, and where you can have parties in the evening or BBQ. Choose a guest house that best fits your traveling preferences.

Remember words:
1박 1 Night 

연장 Extension
조식 포함/불포함 Breakfast Included/Breakfast Not Included
추가 요금 Surcharge
객실 Room 
투숙 Stay 
투숙 인원 Number of Guests
보증금 Deposit
입실/퇴실 Check In/Check Out

2. 시설 이용하기 Using Facilities 
A: 아침 식사는 어디에서 하나요?
Where’s breakfast served?
B: 2층 식당으로 가시면 됩니다.
Go to the restaurant on the 2nd floor.
A: 아침 식사 시간은 몇 시까지예요?
What time is breakfast served until?
B: 일곱 시부터 열 시까지입니다.
It’s from 7 am till 10 am.
A: 와이파이는 무료예요?
Is the Wi-Fi free?
B: 네, 무료로 이용하실 수 있습니다.
Yes, it is.
A: 와이파이 비밀번호가 뭐예요?
What is the Wi-Fi password?
B: 12345입니다.
It’s 12345.
#Using The Lodging Facilities
Korea uses 220 voltage. If your country uses a voltage other than that, bring a voltage
converter. Some guest houses require you to take off your shoes before entering the house or do not provide towels, so be sure to check in advance. Usually, Korean guest houses do not have beds, so you may have to sleep on the floor on a mat and blanket, or they do not have dining tables, so you may have to eat your meal on a squatting desk. 
Remember words:
석식 Dinner 
조식 Breakfast
공용 라운지 Public Lounge 
수영장 Swimming Pool
온돌 Ondol 
주차장 Parking
편의 시설 Amenities 
헬스장 Fitness Center 
3 호텔에 요청하기 Making Requests At The Hotel  

A: 902호인데요. 헤어드라이어가 안 돼서요.
This is room number 902. The hair dryer is not working.
B: 네, 잠시만 기다려 주세요.
Okay, one moment, please.
A: 세면대 물이 잘 안 내려가는데요.
We have a clogged sink.
B: 네, 곧 확인해 드리겠습니다.
Okay, I’ll have someone check it right away.
A: 수건 좀 주시겠어요?
Can you give us some towels?
B: 네, 902호 맞으십니까? 가져다 드리겠습니다.
Yes, for room number 902, right? I’ll send someone over.
A: 지금 나가는데 방청소 좀 해 주시겠어요?
We’re going to leave our room now. Can we get
B: 네, 알겠습니다.

#Korea’s Bidet
Accommodations in Korea usually have bidets. The bidets have auto-flush functions, or the flush button is on the bidet remote control. The bidets are installed not only in accommodations but at many public restrooms.

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#Unique Accommodations in Korea ①
If you want to stay at a unique place other than at a hotel or guest house, then Hanok stay is highly
recommended. You can enjoy Korean culture while staying at a traditional Korean house and have the opportunity to wear hanbok. Korea Tourism Organization has selected nice and great customer service oriented Hanok Hotels and launched the “Hanok Stay Certification System.” For a more satisfying hanok experience, check out the homepage for more information.

Remember words:
객실 용품 Hotel Guest Room Supplies
난방 Heating
비누 Soap
콘센트 Power Outlets 
냉방 Air Conditioning
세면도구 Toiletries
샤워실 Shower Booth
다리미 Iron
옷걸이 Hangers

4. 분실물 찾기와 짐 맡기기 Lost & Found And Storing Luggage At The Front Desk 

A: 카드 키를 잃어버린 것 같아요.
I think I lost my card key.
B: 새로 만들어 드리겠습니다. 몇 호실이세요?
I’ll make you a new one. What room are you in?
A: 방에 키를 놓고 나왔는데요.
I left my card key in the room.
B: 다른 키를 드리겠습니다.
사용하시고 반납 부탁드립니다.
I’ll make you another one. Please return after using it.
A: 가방 좀 맡겨도 될까요?
Can I store my luggage at the front desk?
B: 네, 이쪽으로 가져다주시면 됩니다.
Yes, you can bring it here.
A: 제 짐을 찾아가고 싶습니다.
I want to pick up my luggage, please.
B: 네, 보관증을 보여 주십시오.
Sure. Your claim receipt, please 

Remember words:

돗자리 Mat
텐트 Tent
절 Temple

취사도구 Cookware
명상 Meditation 
캠프파이어 Camp Fire
사찰 Buddihst Temple
체험 후기 Experience Review

#Unique Accommodations in Korea ②
In Korea, there are unique accommodations such as temple stay or campgrounds. You can experience Buddhist culture while staying at a temple or enjoy urban camping in the middle of the city. For more
information on temple stays and campgrounds, check out Seoul Tourism Organization’s homepage (http://www.seoulwelcome.com). Also, you can make reservations for temple stay at Cultural Corps
of Korean Buddhism’s homepage (https://www. templestay.com). There are many accommodations
in the local natural Recreational Forest or Forest Park. You can receive more information about Recreational Forests on the National Recreation Forest Management Office’s homepage (http://www.huyang.go.kr/).

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