[Korean expressions] 4. Meals 식사


1. 주문하기 (1) Ordering (1)

A: 뭐 드릴까요?
What can I get you?
B: 불고기 주세요.
Bulgogi, please.
A: 주문 받을까요?
Shall I take your order?
B: 네, 떡볶이 주세요.
Yes, tteok-bokki, please.
A: 주문하시겠어요?
Would you like to order?
B: 비빔밥 하나 주세요.
One bibimbap, please.
A: 팥빙수 하나, 망고 빙수 하나 주세요.
One red bean bingsu and one mango bingsu, please.
B: 죄송합니다. 지금 빙수는 안 되는데요.
Sorry, we do not serve bingsu at the moment.
Korean food: 

김밥 Gimbap
김치찌개 Kimchijjigae

냉면 Naengmyeon
순두부찌개 Sundubujjigae 
칼국수 Kalguksu
파전 Pajeon 
인분 Serving 
후식 Dessert

2. 요청하기 (1) Making A Request (1) 

A: 여기요. 반찬 좀 더 주세요.
Excuse me. Can we get more side dishes?
B: 네, 알겠습니다.
A: 저기요. 물 좀 더 주세요.
Excuse me. Can we get more water?
B: 물은 셀프예요.
Water is self-serve.
A: 숟가락 하나 더 주시겠어요?
Can you please give us one more spoon?
B: 네, 숟가락 여기 있습니다.
Yes, here’s the spoon.
A: 물티슈 있나요?
Do you have wet wipes?
B: 네, 있습니다. 가져다 드리겠습니다.
Yes, I’ll bring it for you.

#Restaurant Call Bell 

In Korea, large restaurants have call bells placed on top of the dining tables. If you press the call bell, you can easily make requests to the waitstaff. Restaurants in Korea offer complimentary water and side dishes. If you need a refill, you can press the call bell to ask for more.

#The Spoon & Chopstick Table Drawer  

If you do not see spoons and chopsticks on top of the dining table at a Korean restaurant, be sure to check the sides of the table. Korean restaurants tend to place spoons, chopsticks, and napkins in the side table drawer. 

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Remember words:

무료 Free

물수건 Wet Towel 
물컵 Cup

물휴지 Wet Wipe 
앞접시 Plate 
앞치마 Apron
얼음물 Ice Water 
정수기 Water Purifier 
찬물 Cold Water


3. 주문하기 (2) Ordering (2) 
A: 따뜻한 아메리카노 한 잔 주세요.
One hot Americano, please.
B: 드시고 가실 거예요?
Is it for here?
A: 아니요, 가져갈 거예요.
No, to go.

A: 빙수 포장 돼요?
Can I order bingsu to go?
B: 네, 됩니다.
Yes, you can.
A: 딸기 빙수 하나 포장해 주세요.
I’d like a strawberry bingsu to go.
B: 네, 나오면 진동벨로 알려 드리겠습니다.
Okay, the pager will ring when it’s ready.
A: 숟가락 몇 개 넣어 드릴까요?
How many spoons would you like?
B: 두 개 주세요.
Two, please.

#Korea’s Pager
When you order food at a cafe or restaurant, the staff hands you a pager and
says, “The pager will ring when your order is ready.” You wait at the table until the pager rings for you to pick up your beverage or food at the counter. It is convenient because you do not have to stand and wait aimlessly at the counter.

#Korea’s Bingsu (Shaved Ice)
Koreans enjoy having bingsu as a dessert in the summer. Bingsu is made out of shaved ice with red bean or fruit toppings. Red bean bingsu, as well as different fruit bingsu with mango or kiwi toppings, are popular.
Remember words:
생과일주스 Fresh Fruit Juice 
아이스크림 Ice Cream
아이스티 Ice Tea
머그잔 Mug
종이컵 Paper Cup 
빨대 Straw
일회용 Disposable 
플라스틱 컵 Plastic Cup 
할인 카드 Discount Card

4 요청하기 (2) Making A Request (2)

A: 주문하시겠어요?
Ready to order?
B: 토마토 주스 하나, 얼음 빼고 주세요.
One tomato juice without ice, please.
A: 네, 알겠습니다.

A: 딸기 주스, 시럽 빼고 주세요.
One strawberry juice with no syrup.
B: 네, 알겠습니다.
A: 핫 초콜릿에 휘핑크림 올려 드릴까요?
Do you want whipped cream on top of your hot chocolate?
B: 네, 휘핑크림 많이 올려 주세요.
Yes, I’d like a lot of whipped cream.
A: 여기 비빔밥 하나 주시는데요. 고기는 빼고 주세요.
I’d like to order one bibimbap without beef, please.
B: 비빔밥 하나, 고기 빼고요?
One bibimbap without beef?
A: 네, 맞아요.
Yes, please.

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#Open 24 Hours
Korea has convenient late night deliveries as well as 24- hour open restaurants. You can go to these restaurants when you what to eat late at night or want to have something early in the morning. There are fast food restaurants or coffee shops open 24 hours a day, too.

#Hangang River & Night Market

There are several parks surrounding the Hangang River. The Hangang River is popular because you can walk around the park and have chimaek, short for chicken and maekju (beer), delivered to you for consumption.
Starting from March until October, night markets will open at Yeouido Hangang Park, Banpo Hangang Park, and Dongdaemun District. Night markets offer a variety of food and things to buy

Remember words:
겨자 Mustard
치즈 Cheese

고추장 Red Chili Paste
토마토케찹 Ketchup
참기름 Sesame Oil
간식 Snack
삼각 김밥 Triangle Gimbap 
야식 Late Night Meal/Snack
피클 Pickle

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