[Korean grammar] V-아/어 주세요, V-아/어 주시겠어요? Making Requests and Assisting


문 좀 닫아 주세요.
Please close the door.

사진 좀 찍어 주시겠어요?
Would you please take our picture?

자리를 안내해 드리세요.
Please show her to a seat.

Grammar Focus:
This pattern expresses a request to someone to perform an action and corresponds to ‘please/would you’ in English. -아/어 주시겠어요? is a more polite expression that shows more consideration for the listener than -아/어 주세요. 
When the recipient of the action is someone higher in status than the speaker or someone to be respected, -아/어 드리세요 is used. 
When the verb stem ends in ㅏ or ㅗ, -아 주세요/주시겠어요? is used. Otherwise -어 주세요/주시겠어요? is used. For verbs that end in 하다, the form changes to -해 주세요/주시겠어요.

A: 저 좀 도와주시 겠어요? Excuse me. Could you please help me out?
B: 네, 뭘 도와 드릴까요? Sure. How may I help you?

A: 민수 씨, 이 문법 좀 가르쳐 주세요. 
Min-Su, please teach me this grammar.
B: 미안해요. 저도 잘 몰라요.
Sorry. I don’t understand it either.

A: 미국 회사에 이메일을 보내야 해요. 이것 좀 영어로 번역해 주시겠어요?
I have to send an email to a company in the U.S. Would you please translate this into English?
B: 네, 그럴게요.
Yes, I sure will.

-아/어 주다, 드리다 is used when the speaker or the subject of the sentence performs an action that assists the listener or another person. When the assistance has already been completed, -아/어 줬어요 or -아/어 드렸어요 is used.
• 형은 제 숙제를 잘 도와줘요. My big brother helps me a lot with my homework.
• 잠깐만 기다려 주세요. Please wait for just a moment.
• 언니가 과일을 깎아 줬어요. My older sister peeled some fruit for me.
• 아직 친구에게 선물 안 해 줬어요. I haven’t given a present to my friend yet.

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