N 같아선 (Abbreviation of ‘같아서는’)


아이가 세 살이 되더니 말도 안 듣고 마음대로 못 하면 떼를 써요.
My child is three years old and he doesn’t listen to me, also throws tantrums when he is told not to do as he wants.
그 시기에는 인지 능력이 발달하면서 자기 생각이 커지고 짜증이나 화가 많아져요.
During that age, as the cognitive skills of a child develop, his thoughts get bigger and he gets irritated and angry.
맞아요. 짜증이 늘었어요. 마음 같아선 야단을 치고 싶은데 참아야겠죠?
You’re right. He gets irritated more often. I would like to scold him, but I should suppress it, right?
네, 부모는 일단 아이가 힘들어하는 상황을 인정해 줘야 합니다.
Yes, parents should acknowledge their child’s plight.
아, 그러고 나서 마음대로 행동하면 안 된다고 가르쳐야 되는군요.
Oh, and then I should teach him not to act at his disposal.
그렇지요. 이런 과정이 반복되면 아이가 스스로 화를 조절하게 됩니다.
That’s right. After such a procedure is repeated, the child will learn to control his anger by himself.

N 같아선
It is attached to a noun such as ‘마음, 생각, 욕심, 성질’ to mean that you want to do something as you wish but you cannot, or it is attached to a noun that represents time such as ‘요즘, 지금, 오늘’ to mean that it is so according to the current situation. ‘같아선’ is an abbreviation of ‘같아서는’.

마음 같아선 이 케이크를 먹고 싶은데 요즘 다이어트 중이라 참고 있어.
I’d love to eat this cake, but I’m holding back because I’m on a diet these days.

남자 친구가 매번 약속을 안 지켜. 성질 같아선 화를 내고 싶었는데 겨우 참았어.
My boyfriend doesn’t keep his promise every time. I should have been angry according to my temper, but I managed to hold it back.

See also  N은/는¹ N이에요/예요.

요즘 회사 일이 너무 재미가 없어요. 요즘 같아선 회사를 그만두고 육아에 전념하고 싶어요.
My works at the workplace aren’t very fun these days. I want to quit my job and focus on childcare these days.

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Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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