V+으랴/랴 V+으랴/랴


우빈 씨, 여기 메모해 놓은 숫자들은 뭐예요?
Woobin, what are numbers you’ve written down here?
여자 친구랑 제가 태어난 연월일시예요. 궁합을 보려고 적어 놨던 거예요.
They are the year, month, day, and time of my girlfriend and I were born. I wrote it down to see our marital compatibility.
궁합요? 결혼 생활이 어떨지 미리 예측해 보는 것 말이지요? 결과는 잘 나왔어요?
Marital compatibility? Do you mean predicting what your marriage will be like? How was the result?
네, 여자 친구랑 제가 서로 궁합이 잘 맞아서 서로에게 도움이 되는 운이라고 하더라고요.
Yes. It said that my girlfriend and I get along well together and that we have the luck to be helpful to each other.
잘됐네요. 그럼 결혼 준비도 본격적으로 시작하신 거예요?
That sounds good. Did you start getting ready for the wedding on the full scale, then?
네, 요즘 신혼집 구하러 다니 예식장 알아보 주말마다 할 일이 산더미예요.
Yes. I’ve got a lot of work to do every weekend finding a newlywed house and looking for a wedding hall.

V+으랴/랴 V+으랴/랴
It is attached to the stem of an action verb to show you are busy doing the works listed. You must list more than two behaviors.

요즘 대학생들은 수업 들으랴 취업 준비하 눈코 뜰 새가 없어요.
These days, college students are very busy taking classes and preparing for jobs.

식당 아르바이트는 주문 받으랴 음식 나르 상 치우랴 너무 정신이 없어서 하기 싫어요.
I don’t want to work part-time at a restaurant because I get too busy getting orders, carrying food, and cleaning up the table.

요즘 동생은 일하 아이 돌보 몸이 열 개라도 모자란다.
These days, my younger brother is so busy that even 10 of him wouldn’t be enough working and taking care of his children.

Related words
연월일시 year, month, day, and time
궁합을 보다 to see marital compatibility
예측 prediction
본격적 on the full scale
예식장 wedding hall
산더미 big as a mountain

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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