V+ 으면서도/면서도


V+ 으면서도/면서도

It is attached to the stem of an action verb to list more than two properties that appear in one object. It’s a combination of ‘-으면서’ and ‘도’ which means addition.

이 가방은 가벼우면서도 튼튼한 재질로 만들어져서 고객들에게 인기가 많습니다.
This bag is made of light and strong material that is popular among customers.

회사 앞 식당은 가격이 저렴하면서도 맛이 좋아서 점심시간이면 항상 사람들로 붐빈다.
The restaurant in front of the company is always crowded with people at lunchtime because it is cheap but also tastes good.

이번에 개발한 제품은 디자인이 좋으면서도 실용적이어서 소비자들에게 인기가 많아요.
The product we developed this time is popular among consumers because it has a good design and is also practical.


한국의 전통 건축물에는 아치 형태의 돌문이 많네. 마치 무지개처럼 참 예쁘다.
There are many arch-shaped stone gates in Korean traditional architecture. It’s as pretty as a rainbow.
예쁘기도 하지만 각각의 돌이 서로서로 지탱해 주는 아주 과학적인 구조야.
It’s not only pretty but also is built with a very scientific structure that the stones support each other.
그럼, 돌과 돌을 붙여 만든 게 아니란 말이야?
So, it isn’t made by sticking stones?
응, 좌우에서 돌을 쌓아올리다가 가운데 돌을 하나 끼워 넣는 방법을 사용한 거야.
Yes, it’s made with the method of stacking stones from left and right and then inserting a stone in the middle.
돌이 무거울 텐데 균형을 잃어 무너지지는 않을까?
Won’t they lose balance and collapse? The stones must be heavy.
붕괴 위험은 없으니 걱정마. 대칭 구조가 좌우로 힘을 잘 분산시키고 있어서 우아하면서도 견고해.
There’s no danger of collapse, so don’t worry. The symmetrical structure well distributes the weight to the left and right it’s elegant and solid.

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Related words
아치 arch
It means an architectural form that is high and long curved in the middle, such as a bow or rainbow. It supports the load of the upper part with the mutual pressure of the separated pieces.
무지개 rainbow
지탱 support
균형 balance
무너지다 to collapse
붕괴 collapse
대칭 symmetry
분산 distribute
견고하다 to be solid

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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