V+ 은/ㄴ 채


V+ 은/ㄴ 채

It is attached to the stem of an action verb to mean that certain behavior that has been done or an event that has already occurred is kept as it is. In spoken language, it is often used in the form of ‘-은/ㄴ 채로’ by attaching the postposition ‘로’.

고래가 어민들이 쳐 놓은 그물에 걸려 죽은 채 발견되었습니다.
A whale was found dead after being caught in a net set up by fishermen.

어떡하지? 열쇠를 차 안에 둔 채로 문을 잠근 것 같아.
What should I do? I think I locked the door with the key in the car.

아침에는 바빠서 밥을 못 먹은 채로 출근할 때가 많아요.
I often go to work in the morning without eating because I’m busy.


이번 집중호우로 침수 피해를 본 곳이 많은 것 같아요.
I think there are many places that got inundation damage due to the localized torrential downpours this time.
갑자기 불어난 물 때문에 살림살이를 집 안에 남겨둔 채 몸만 빠져나온 사람들이 많대요.
Many people left their households and escaped homes because of the swollen water.
그 사람들은 지금 어디에 있어요?
Where are they now?
대피소에서 구호 물품만으로 생활하고 있대요.
I heard they are living only with aid in shelters.
고생이 많겠군요. 그런데 그 사람들의 재산 피해는 어떻게 보상을 받을 수 있어요?
Must be struggling. Then how can they be compensated for their property damage?
온전한 피해 보상은 힘들겠지만 그래도 구청에 신청하면 재난 지원금을 받을 수 있어요.
Complete compensation would be hard, but they still can get disaster support if they apply to a district office.

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Related words
집중호우 localized torrential downpours
침수 inundation
(물이) 불어나다 (water) rises
살림살이 households
대피소 shelter
구호 물품 aid, relief goods
It refers to items such as bottled water, underwear, blankets, etc. to help people in need in a disaster or disaster.
보상 compensation
온전하다 to be complete
재난 지원금 disaster support
It refers to money provided by the government or local government in accordance with regulations to help people in need in a disaster.

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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