V/A는/은/ㄴ데 V+을까요?/ㄹ까요? Suggest doing something after explaining the situation.


V/A는/은/ㄴ데 V+을까요?/ㄹ까요?

It is used to suggest doing something after explaining the situation.
여기는 사람들이 많이 기다리는데 다른 식당에 갈까요?
A lot of people are waiting here. Shall we go to another restaurant?
다음 주에 한가해질 것 같은데 그때 이야기할까요?
It will be less busy next week. Shall we talk then?
호텔비가 비싼데 게스트하우스에서 묵을까요?
The hotel price is expensive. Shall we stay at a guest house?
줄무늬 옷이 흐엉 씨한테 잘 어울리네요.
The stripe-patterned clothing looks good on Ms. Huong.
네, 주로 단색 옷만 입었는데 기분 전환이 되네요.
Yes, it does. Mostly, I used to wear solid-colored clothing. The new clothing makes me feel refreshed.
아까 입은 것보다 이게 더 잘 어울리는 것 같은데요.
This one looks better on me than the one I wore before.
네, 이 가게는 좀 비싼데 다른 가게에 가 볼까요?
Yes. This shop is a bit expensive. Shall we go to another shop?
그래요. 다른 가게에도 가 봐요.
Yes. Let’s go to another shop.
다른 가게에 가서 서연 씨 옷도 골라 봐요.
Let’s go to another shop and look for clothing for Ms. Seoyon.
Related words
주로 mostly
단색 a solid-colored, a single-color
기분 전환이 되다 to feel refreshed
한가하다 to be less busy
그때 then
호텔비 a hotel price
게스트하우스 a guest house
줄무늬 stripe-pattern


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