V/A+ 겠네요. Guess and speak what has been newly learned at the time of speaking

운전면허 시험에 붙어서 좋겠네요.
You must feel good that you passed the driver’s license test.
네, 한 번에 붙었어요.
Yes, I passed it on my first trial.
축하해요. 한턱내세요.
Congratulations. Give me a treat.
네, 한턱낼게요. 그런데 아직 혼자 운전할 자신이 없어요.
Yes, I will give you a treat. But I don’t have enough confidence to drive alone.
그럼 제가 가르쳐 줄까요?
Then, shall I teach you
저는 괜찮은데 제 옆에 타면 무섭지 않겠어요?
I’m OK with it, but wouldn’t you feel scared if you ride right next to me?
V/A+ 겠네요.
It is used to guess and speak what has been newly learned at the time of speaking. ‘이겠네요’ is used after a noun.
한국에서 오래 살았으니까 한국말을 잘하겠네요.
You must be speaking Korean well since you have lived long in Korea.
집이 멀어서 출퇴근하기가 힘들겠네요.
You must be having a hard time commuting because your house is far.
잠을 못 자서 피곤하겠네요.
You must be feeling tired because you couldn’t sleep.
Related words
운전면허 a driver’s license
시험에 붙다 to pass a test
한턱내다 to give somebody a treat
자신 confidence
출퇴근하다 to commute

See also  V+ 으세요/세요. Command or suggest something of the listener with respect.


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