V/A+ 어서/아서/여서 V+ 을/ㄹ 만하다


V/A+ 어서/아서/여서 V+ 을/ㄹ 만하다

It is used to state the reason for a valuable or possible behavior.

For ‘-어서/아서/여서’, if the stem of an actin verb or a descriptive verb ends with ‘ㅏ, ㅗ’, you should use ‘아서’. If it ends with another vowel(ㅓ, ㅜ, ㅡ, ㅣ), you should use ‘-어서’. If it ends with ‘하-‘, you should use ‘-여서(해서)’.

For ‘-을/ㄹ 만하다’, if the stem of an action verb ends with a vowel of ‘ㄹ’, you should use ‘-ㄹ 만하다’, with another vowel, you use ‘-을 만하다’.

그 노래는 가사도 쉽고 빠르지 않아서 따라 부를 만해요.
The lyrics are easy and not fast, so it’s fine enough to sing along.

이 책은 영어로 쓰여 있지만 어렵지 않아서 청소년들도 읽을 만해요.
The book is written in English, but it is not difficult that it’s easy enough for teenagers to read.

그 사람은 성실해서 우리 모임의 회장으로 추천할 만해요.
He is sincere enough and worthy of recommendation as the chairman of our group.


어, 미역국 벌써 다 팔렸어요?
Oh, is the seaweed soup sold out already?

네, 오늘 미역국이 인기가 좋네요. 일찍 다 팔렸어요.
Yes, it seems seaweed soup is very popular today. They were sold out early.

미역국 때문에 들렀는데 아쉬워요. 여기 미역국이 정말 맛있는데.
I feel so sad because I dropped by for seaweed soup. Seaweed soup here tastes really good.

육개장은 어때요? 저희 육개장도 맛있어요.
How about yukgaejang? Our yukgaejang is delicious, too.

저는 매운 것을 잘 못 먹어서요. 혹시 맵지 않은 국 있어요?
I’m not good at eating spicy food. Is there any soup that isn’t spicy?

See also  N입니다. The formal expression of 'N이에요/예요'.

콩나물국을 가져가세요. 콩나물국은 맵지 않아서을 만해요.
You can take the soybean sprout soup. Soybean sprouts are not spicy and they are good to eat.

그럼 콩나물국 2인분 주세요.
Give me two soybean sprouts soup then, please.

그리고 지금 나물 반찬을 사시면 세 팩을 만 원에 드려요.
Also, if you buy a herb side dish now, we give you three packs for 10,000 won.

Related words
육개장 spicy beef soup (A soup made by boiling finely shredded beef with spicy seasoning.)콩나물국 soybean sprout soup
가져가다 to take
나물 herb
(pack) A small container made of vinyl or paper or a measure to count it.

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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