V/A+ 으니까/니까 V+ 는 게 좋다


V/A+ 으니까/니까 V+ 는 게 좋다

It is used when the speaker obliquely recommends or commands the listener while speaking of evaluation. The speaker also uses ‘-으니까/니까’ to increase his persuasion.

For ‘-으니까/니까’, if the stem of an action verb or a descriptive verb ends with a vowel or ‘ㄹ’, you should use ‘-니까’, with another consonant you use ‘-으니까’.’-는 게 좋다’ is used after the stem of an action verb.

얼굴형이 둥근 편이니까 앞머리를 자르지 않는 게 좋아요.
Since you have a round face, it’s better not to cut your bangs.

이 부분은 시험에 나올 수도 있으니까 미리 공부해 두는 게 좋을 거예요.
This part may be on the test, so you’d better study it in advance.

갑자기 연락할 상황이 생길 수도 있으니까 팀원들의 비상 연락망을 알아 놓는 게 좋겠어요.
We might have a situation where we should get in touch, so we’d better get to know the emergency contact of our team members.


여기에 처방전을 내면 되나요?
Do I have to pay for the prescription here?

네, 조제할 동안 잠깐만 기다려 주세요.
Yes, please wait a moment while I prepare.

제임스 님. 약 나왔습니다. 목감기에 걸리셨나 봐요.
James, here’s your medicine. You must have caught a sore throat.

네, 일주일째인데 감기가 떨어지지 않네요.
Yes, it’s been a week and I cannot get rid of my cold.

약은 3일 치고요. 아침, 점심, 저녁 세 번 드셔야 해요.
The medicine is for three days of intake. You should have it three times a day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

See also  N이라서/라서 V/A+ 거든요.

그리고 항생제가 들어 있으니까 식사 후에 복용하시는 게 좋아요.
Also, you better take it after meals because there are antibiotics in it.

빈속에 먹으면 문제라도 생기나요?
Would it cause problems to eat on an empty stomach?

그런 건 아니지만 빈속에 드시는 것이 좋지 않으니까요. 우유라도 한 잔 마시고 약을 드세요.
Not really, but it’s because it’s not good to eat on an empty stomach. Have at least a glass of milk and take some medicine.

Related words
처방전 prescription
조제 to prepare medicine
목감기 sore throat
(감기가) 떨어지다 to get rid of cold
치: ‘치’ is the unit of a certain amount or share. For example, ‘한 달(a month)치의 식량’ means a month’s worth of food’.
항생제 antibiotics
복용 consume

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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