V+ 는 동안


발표할 자료가 하나 없네. 집에서 안 가지고 온 것 같아.
One of the presentation materials is missing. It seems that I didn’t bring it from home.
잘 찾아 봐.
Look for it carefully.
아무리 찾아도 없어. 그거 없으면 안 되는데.
I can’t find it though I try hard. I can’t do without it.
우리가 다른 것을 준비하는 동안 가지고 오면 될 것 같아.
You can bring it while we are preparing other things.
그럼 지금 빨리 가지고 올게. 미안해.
Then, I will go and bring it quickly now. Sorry.
괜찮아. 시간 충분해.
It’s OK. We have plenty of time.

V+ 는 동안
It is used to indicate that something in the latter clause takes place while actions in the preceding clause are being done.

민박집에서 묵는 동안 다양한 한국 음식을 먹어 봤어.
I tried various kinds of Korean food while I was staying at the guest house.

공사를 하는 동안 좀 시끄러울 거예요.
It will be a bit noisy while we are doing the construction work.

제 친구는 너무 긴장해서 발표하는 동안 계속 떨었어요.
My friend kept shaking while he was making a presentation because he was so nervous.

Related words
민박집 a guest house
공사 a construction work
긴장하다 to be nervous
떨다 to shake


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