[Korean expressions] 5. 쇼핑 Shopping


1. 제품 고르기 Choosing Items

A: 찾으시는 거 있으세요?
Are you looking for something in particular?
B: 바지를 하나 사고 싶은데요.
I want to buy a pair of pants.
A: 요즘 뭐가 제일 잘 나가요?
What’s popular these days?
B: 이게 요즘 제일 인기가 많아요.
These pants are popular these days.
A: 이거 입어 봐도 돼요?
Can I try them on?
B: 네, 저쪽에서 입어 보세요.
Yes, you can try them over there.
A: 아주 잘 어울리시네요. 마음에 드세요?
They look good on you. Do you like them?
B: 예쁜데 좀 큰 것 같아요. 작은 거 없어요?
They’re cute, but they are a bit too big on me. Do you have a smaller size?

Remember words:
바지(청바지, 반바지) Pants (Jeans, Shorts)
치마 Skirt
패딩 Puffer Jacket
샌들 Sandals
목도리 Muffler 구두 Dress Shoes
운동화 Sneakers
스카프 Scarf
부츠 Boots
모자 Hat

#Clothing Size Chart
In most Korean clothing stores, you can try on clothes before purchasing them. When you try on the clothes, usually an employee will ask for your size. Therefore, it is beneficial to know the Korean clothing size or shoe size when you go shopping. Even though the item is the same size, the fit may differ depending on the brand or clothing store, so be sure to try it on prior to purchase. Also, there are many “F” (Free) size clothing in Korean clothing stores. Remember, the majority of these clothes are medium size clothing!

2. 제품 구매하기/계산하기 Purchasing/Paying For Your Items

A: 이 바지하고 티셔츠 주세요.
I’ll take these pants and T-shirt.
B: 네, 잠시만 기다려 주세요.
Yes, one moment, please.
A: 이걸로 하시겠어요?
Would you like these?
B: 네, 그런데 새 걸로 주세요.
Yes, but I would like new ones.
A: 계산할게요.
I’m ready to pay.
B: 네, 사만 팔천 원입니다. 결제 어떻게 하시겠습니까?
Yes, it’s 48,000 won. How would you like to pay?
A: 카드 되죠?
Do you take credit card?
A: 여기 서명해 주세요. 영수증 드릴까요?
Please sign here. Do you want your receipt?
B: 네, 주세요.
Yes, please.
Remember words:
구입일 Purchase Date
상품명 Product Name
상표 Brand
치수 Size
판매 가격 Sale Price
7일 이내 Within 7 Days
색상 Color
검정 Black

#Please Insert Your Card #No Need To Sign
“Insert your card in the front.” You can easily hear this expression when you pay with your credit card at a cafe or shop in Korea lately. At majority of stores, customers can directly pay by inserting their card in the machine. If you are trying to pay for your meal at a restaurant or beverage at a cafe and a card reader is placed in front of you, be sure to listen to what the employee says. You may sometimes hear, “No need to sign for purchases less than 50,000 won.” Or you may see a sign that says “No signature for purchases less than 50,000 won” on the card reader or by the counter. Do not think it is odd if you do not have to sign for credit card purchases that are less than 50,000 won when shopping in Korea!

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3. 제품 교환하기/환불하기 Exchanging/Returning An Item
A: 이거 어제 샀는데 환불 돼요?
I bought this yesterday. Can I get a refund?
B: 네, 결제하신 카드와 영수증 주세요.
Yes, I need the credit card you used and receipt.
A: 이건 세일 상품이라 환불은 안 되고 교환만 가능한데요.
This is a sale item, so you can exchange it, but you cannot get a refund.
B: 아, 그래요? 그럼 교환할게요.
Oh, really? Then I’ll exchange it.
A: 다른 색도 있는데 보여 드릴까요?
Do you want to see this in another color?
B: 네, 무슨 색 있어요?
Yes, what color do you have?
A: 하얀색으로 교환해 주세요.
I’d like to exchange it with the white one.
B: 네, 새 걸로 갖다 드릴게요.
Yes, I’ll get you a new one.
A: 교환이나 환불 돼요?
Can I exchange or return this item?
B: 네, 제품 태그를 제거하지 않고 영수증과 카드를 가지고
오시면 일주일 안에 가능합니다.
Yes, as long as you don’t remove the tag, present the receipt and bring the credit card you used to pay within a one week, you can.

Remember words:
금액 Amount
매장 Store
판매 Sale
신용 카드 Credit Card
쿠폰 Coupon
연락처 Contact Information
상품권 Gift Certificate
체크 카드 Debit Card
불가 Impossible

#How To Get A Tax Refund
Foreign tourists can receive a tax refund if they spend more than 30,000 won worth of goods in a transaction. Tax refunds are only available for items purchased at a tax refund affiliated store. In order to receive a tax refund, you need to carry your passport while you shop and receive the tax refund receipt for your purchase. You can get the tax refund at the tax refund counters or kiosks located in the city and airport

4. 제품 문의하기 Asking About A Product

A: 팩을 좀 사고 싶은데요. 세일하는 제품 있어요?
I want to buy sheet masks. Is there anything on sale?
B: 이게 요즘 제일 잘 나가요.
This is the most popular item.
A: 여기 수분 크림 있지요? 어디에 있어요?
You have moisturizer, right? Where is it?
B: 손님, 죄송하지만 그 제품은 다 나갔는데요.
Sorry, but we’re all out.
A: 언제 다시 들어와요?
When will it be restocked?
A: 이거 테스트 해 봐도 돼요?
Can I try this?
B: 네, 해 보세요.
Yes, sure.
A: 피부가 좀 건조하고 어두운 편인데요. BB 크림 하나
추천해 주시겠어요?
My complexion is dry and dark. Can you recommend me a BB cream?
B: 이게 잘 맞을 것 같은데 어떠세요?
This looks good. How do you like this one? 

제외 Exclusions
건성 Dry 품목 Item(s)
보습 Moisturizing 할인 Sale
복합성 피부 Combination Skin
영양 Nourishing
지성 Oily
여드름 패치 Pimple Patch

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