N으로/로² Indicate the preceding noun is the means of transportation



It is used to indicate the preceding noun is the means of transportation. ‘걸어서’ should be written for ‘걷다’ (e.g. 걸어서 학교에 가요. (I walk to school)).
학교가 가까워요. 그래서 자전거 학교에 가요.
The school is closed, so I go to school by bike.
집 근처에 지하철역이 없어요. 그래서 회사에 버스 다녀요.
There is no subway station near my house, so I go to work by bus.
지하철 집에 와요.
I come back home by subway.
서두릅시다. 시간이 별로 없어요.
Let’s hurry. We don’t have much time.
택시 갈까요?
Shall we take a taxi?
지금은 교통이 복잡해요. 지하철로 갑시다.
Now, the traffic is heavy. Let’s take the subway.
Yes, let’s do that.
Related words
서두르다 to hurry
별로 (not) much (‘별로’ is used with a negative form)
복잡하다 to be heavy (traffic)
그럽시다 Let’s do that.
자전거 a bike


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