N으로/로¹ 가다(오다) Indicates that the place noun preceding ‘으로/로’ is the destination

(택시에서) 서울역으로 갑시다. 얼마나 걸려요?
(Inside a taxi) Let’s go to Seoul Station. How long will it take?
30분쯤 걸려요.
It will take about 30 minutes.
그렇게 많이 걸려요?
Will it take that long?
네, 지금 길이 많이 막혀요.
Yes, the roads are heavily jammed now.
N으로/로¹ 가다(오다)
‘으로/로’ is used with action verbs like ‘가다 (go), 오다 (come)’, and it indicates that the place noun preceding ‘으로/로’ is the destination. 
When the noun ends in a consonant, use ‘으로’, and when the noun ends in a vowel, use ‘로’. 
Especially when the noun ends in ‘ㄹ’, use ‘로’. (e.g. 사무실로 (o), 사무실으로 (x) (to the office))
날씨가 좋아요. 밖으로 나갑시다.
The weather is fine. Let’s go outside.
여기에서 북쪽으로 똑바로 가세요.
Go straight north from here.
회사 1층 로비 오세요.
Please come to the lobby on the first floor of the company.
Related words
서울역 Seoul Station
그렇게 that
길이 막히다 to be jammed
밖 outside
나가다 to go outside
북쪽 north
똑바로 straight
로비 a lobby


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