V + 으면 어떡해요?/면 어떡해요?


V + 으면어떡해요?, 면 어떡해요?

V + 으면 어떡해요?/면 어떡해요? is used to scold the listener by saying in detail his behavior is wrong. This cannot be used with ‘-었’, ‘-겠-‘ or other tense expressions.

If the stem of an action verb ends with a vowel or ‘ㄹ’, you use ‘-면’. If it ends with another consonant you use ‘-으면’.

15분 후에 기차를 타야 하는데 아직도 집에 있으면 어떡해요?
You have a train to catch in 15 minutes and you are still home?

내가 먹을 피자까지 다 먹으면 어떡해?
How could you eat even my share of pizza?

내일이 시험인데 이렇게 놀고만 있으면 어떡하니?
How could you be playing like this when you have a test tomorrow?


오늘 철수랑 싸웠다며? 왜 싸운 거야?
I heard you had a fight with Cheolsoo today. Why did you fight?

걔가 먼저 나한테 시비를 걸었어.
He got into a fight with me first.

그렇다고 같은 반 친구를 때리면 어떡해? 좋게 좋게 말로 해결해야지.
But how can you hit your classmates? You should talk nicely to each other to solve the problem.

계속 툭툭 치고 욕하잖아.
But he kept banging on and cursing.

그리고 몇 번이나 하지 말라고 했는데 계속 장난을 치니까 어쩔 수 없었어.
And I told him not to do it many times, but he kept fooling around and I couldn’t help it.

그래도 폭력을 쓰면 너도 철수랑 똑같아지는 거야.
But if you use violence, you will be the same as Cheolsoo.

나는 다른 방법을 모르겠는데 어떻게 해?
What should I do when I don’t know what else to do?

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계속 무시하면 걔도 아마 재미없어서 그만둘 거야.
If you keep ignoring him, he will probably quit because it’s not fun.

Related words
걔 he, she (a word to call other people)
시비를 걸다 to get into a fight with someone
때리다 to hit
툭툭 lightly
치다 to bang
장난을 치다 to fool around

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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