V+ 을/ㄹ 거야. The informal speech form for ‘V+ 을/ㄹ 거예요.’

수강 신청 다 했어?
Have you finished registering for classes?
응, 어제 다 했어. 너는?
Yes, I finished it yesterday. How about you?
전공과목은 다 정했는데 교양 과목을 아직 못 정했어. 너는 교양 과목은 뭐 들어?
I have selected all my major subjects, but I haven’t decided on the subjects of my liberal art yet. What liberal arts subjects are you taking?
나는 지난 학기 때 들은 교수님 강의가 좋아서 그 교수님 강의를 또 들을 거야.
I liked the professor’s lecture that I attended last semester. So I’m going to attend his/her lecture again.
무슨 강의인데?
What lecture was it?
문화 인류학 강의인데 참 재미있었어. 너도 한번 들어 봐.
It was a cultural anthropology lecture and it was fun. You should attend it, too.
V+ 을/ㄹ 거야.
It is the informal speech form for ‘V+ 을/ㄹ 거예요.’ in a declarative sentence.
살이 너무 쪄서 나는 오늘부터 저녁을 안 먹을 거야.
I am not going to eat dinner from today because I have gained weight so much.
나는 주말에 집에서 푹 쉴 거야.
I am going to take a good rest at home this weekend.
나는 이번 연휴에 부산에 갈 거야.
I am going to go to Busan during the coming holidays.
Related words
수강 registering a class
너 you
전공과목 a major subject
정하다 to select, to decide
교양 과목 a liberal arts subject
듣다 to take a class
학기 a semester
교수 a professor
강의 a lecture
문화 인류학 cultural anthropology


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