V/A+ 고말고요.


선생님, 나중에 방송국에서 일을 하려면 꼭 신문방송학을 전공해야 해요?
Teacher, in order to work in a broadcasting station, do you have to major in the department of mass communications?
방송국에서 무슨 일을 하고 싶은데요?
What kind of work do you want to do at a broadcasting station?
드라마 피디요.
PD for a drama.
그러면 보통 신문방송학과에 많이 가요. 하지만 꼭 신문방송학을 전공할 필요는 없어요.
Then usually, most people do major in the department of mass communications. But, there is no specific need for you to major in mass communications.
다른 전공을 선택하는 사람들도 있어요?
Are there people who major in other subjects as well?
고말고요. 행정학을 전공한 피디도 있어요.
Of course. There is also a PD who majors in public administration.

V/A+ 고말고요.
It is used with an action verb or descriptive verb stem. It indicates that there is a strong agreement about what the speaker speaks about first or asks a question. It is the same definition as ‘ 물론이다’, ‘ 당연히 그렇다’ means ‘ Of course, surely’ It is used for present tense form even though the sentence is for the past tense form or past perfect tense form usually.

가: 한국 음식을 좋아하세요?
Do you like Korean food?
나: 좋아하고말고요. 매운 음식도 잘 먹어요.
Of course, I love it and I love the spicy food, too.

가: 세일 때는 백화점이 복잡하지요?
When it is time for sale, it will be so crowded in the department store.
나: 복잡하고말고요. 한 시간 동안 줄 서서 기다린 적도 있어요.
Of course, it does. I used to wait in line for about one hour.

가: 요즘 한국 영화가 재미있어요?
Do you think that Korean movies are fun to watch?
나: 재미있고말고요. 날마다 매진이에요.
Yes, it is very fun. Every day is sold out.

Related words
방송국 broadcasting company
신문방송학과 department of mass communications
피디 producer and director
행정학 public administration


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