V/A+ 고 해서


핸드폰을 바꾸려고 하는데 어떤 제품이 좋을까요?
I’m trying to change my phone. What product do you suggest will be good?
이왕이면 좋은 걸로 바꾸세요. 저도 최근에 새로 샀어요.
Might as well change it to something good. I recently bought a new one too.
우빈 씨는 항상 최신 핸드폰을 쓰는 것 같아요.
Mr. Woobin is always using the latest cell phone.
네, 저는 핸드폰을 많이 쓰니까요. 새 모델이 기능도 다양하고 해서 바꿨어요.
Yes, because I use my cell phone a lot. I changed it because new models have many features.
와! 정말 좋아 보이는데요. 혹시 다른 색도 있어요?
Wow! It really does look good. Does it come out in any other colors?
금색, 은색, 핑크색이 있어요.
It comes in gold, silver, and pink.

V/A+ 고 해서
It is used with an action verb or descriptive verb stem. It is used in the content of the preceding clause has only one reason among several reasons about the behavior or action of the following clause.

비도 오고 해서 집에서 쉬고 있어요.
Since it is raining, I am resting at home.

장학금을 받고 해서 친구들한테 한턱냈어요.
I treated my friends since I got the scholarship.

음악이 시끄럽고 사람도 많고 해서 커피숍에서 나왔어요.
I came out of the cafe since the music was noisy and very crowded.

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Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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