V/A + 으면/면 V/A + 으니까/니까 V+ 어/아/여 보세요.


V/A + 으면/면 V/A + 으니까/니까 V + 어/아/여 보세요.

It is used to suggest the behavior of the following clause while proposing a condition while saying the result that happens according to the condition as a reason.

For ‘-으면/면’, if the stem of an action verb or a descriptive verb ends with a vowel or ‘ㄹ’ you should use ‘-니까’, with another consonant, you use ‘-으니까’.

For ‘-어/아/여 보세요’, if the stem of an action verb ends with ‘ㅏ,ㅗ’, you should use ‘-아 보세요’, with another vowel(ㅓ,ㅜ,ㅡ,ㅣ) you use ‘-어 보세요’, with ‘하-‘, you should use ‘-여(해) 보세요’.

경복궁에 가 볼거리가 많으니까 한번 가 보세요.
There are many things to see at Gyeongbok Palace, so please visit there.

이 약을 먹으면 감기가 빨리 낫는다고 하니까셔 보세요.
People say that this medicine will help you get over your cold, so try it.

공모전에 입상하 취직할 때 도움이 된다고 하니까 한번 지원해 보세요.
It is said that winning a contest will help you get a job, so apply for it.


택배를 찾으려고 하는데 보관함이 어디에 있는지 알아?
I’m trying to find my delivery, do you know where the locker is?

응, 학생 식당 옆에 보관함이 있어. 저기 보이지?
Yes, the locker is right next to the student cafeteria. Do you see that?

아, 저기 노란색 보관함이 택배를 찾는 곳이었구나.
Oh, the yellow locker was where people get their delivery.

맞아. 그리고 택배 기사님이 메시지를 보내셨어?
Right. And did the courier send you a message?

어, 아까 받았어.
Yes, I got it a minute ago.

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그 메시지를 보 인증번호가 있으니까 한번 찾아 봐.
If you look at the message, there’s an authentication number so look it up.

그걸 입력해야 보관함을 열 수 있어.
You should enter it to open the locker.

와, 물건을 분실할 염려는 안 해도 되겠어. 알려줘서 고마워.
Wow, for that, I won’t have to worry about losing my stuff. Thanks for letting me know.

Related words
보관함: locker
인증: authentication
염려: worry
공모전: open exhibition

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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