V/A+ 는다고요/ㄴ다고요/다고요?


보증금은 얼마 정도 생각하세요?
How much are you thinking about for the deposit?
2천만 원 정도 마련할 수 있어요.
I can make it 20,000,000 won.
보증금 2천만 원에 월세 40만 원짜리 방이 있네요.
There is a room for 400,000 won per month at a deposit of 20,000,000 won.
저는 월세 30만 원 이상은 힘든데요.
It is difficult for me to pay over 300,000 won a month.
음…. 보증금을 더 올리면 월세를 낮출 수 있는데 그렇게 하실래요?
Well… If we raise your deposit more, we can lower your rent, would you?
보증금을 더 올린다고요? 그냥 더 싼 방 없을까요?
Do you want to raise the deposit? Is not there a cheaper room?

V+ 는/ㄴ다고요?
A+ 다고요?

It is used with an action verb or descriptive verb stem. It is used when the speaker is trying to make an assurance or asking a question again. The speaker should raise the voice at the end of the word.

‘-는다고요?’ is used if the action verb stem ends with consonants. ‘ -ㄴ다고요?’ is used if the action verb stem ends with vowels. ‘-다고요?’ is used if it ends with a descriptive verb stem.

네? 이렇게 눈이 많이 오는데 등산을 간다고요?
What? You are going camping even though it’s snowing heavily?

피자 한 판을 혼자 다 먹었다고요?
Wow! Is it true that you ate a whole pizza by yourself?

이 김치가 하나도 안 맵다고?
Did you say that this kimchi is not spicy?

Related words
마련하다 to prepare
짜리 counting unit noun for coins
올리다 to be raised by/to increase
낮추다 to be lowered by/to decrease

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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