V/A+ 는다니까/ㄴ다니까/다니까


요즘 영어를 배우는 아이들이 많다던데 우리 아이에게도 영어를 가르칠까요?
Nowadays, there are many children who are learning English. Should I teach English to my child, too?
유치원에 다니는 아이에게 영어 교육은 너무 이르지 않아요?
Is it not too early for a kindergarten to have an English education?
나는 영어를 빨리 배우면 그만큼 효과도 좋을 거라고 생각해요.
I think that learning English quickly will be more effective.
하지만 오히려 아이에게 스트레스를 줄 수도 있어요.
However, it can become stressful for your child.
주위에 영어를 배우는 아이들이 많다니까 자꾸 조바심이 생겨요.
I am getting anxious because all the children surrounding me are learning English.
난 아이가 무엇을 원하는지 물어보고 결정해도 늦지 않다고 생각해요.
Even if I ask my child what he wants and have him decide, it won’t be late.

As it is attached to an action verb’s stem or descriptive verb’s stem, it is used when he directs or persuades to the following action which is based upon the evidence of someone’s word. ‘-는다고 하니까’ is an abbreviation form.

요즘 고등학생들은 이 책을 많이 본다니까 너도 이걸로 공부해.
Nowadays, high school students use this book a lot, so you study with this, too.

오늘 저녁에 비가 많이 온다니까 우산을 가지고 가라.
Since it’s going to rain a lot this evening, so take an umbrella and go.

여수 밤바다가 아름답다니까 이번 휴가에 거기로 가는 게 어때?
Since Yeo Su’s ocean night view is beautiful, so why don’t you go there this break?

Related words
그만큼 as much as
주위 surrounding
조바심 fidget
밤바다 ocean night view

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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