[Korean grammar] ‘ㄷ’ 불규칙 (Irregular Conjugation)


음악을 들으면서 운동해요.
I listen to music when I exercise.

돈이 없어서 걸어서 갔어요.
I had no money, so I went by foot.

그 여자에게 전화번호를 물어봤어요.
I asked her for her phone number.

Grammar Focus:
For a few verb stems that end in ㄷ, ㄷ changes to ㄹ when added to an ending that begins with a vowel.

Although the stems of 닫다 (to close), 받다 (to receive), and 믿다 (to believe) end in they are conjugated regularly.

A: 캐럴 씨, 날씨가 좋은데 밖에 나가서 좀 걸을까요?
Carol, the weather’s nice, so why don’t we go for a walk outside?
B: 네, 좋아요. Okay, that sounds nice.

A: 이 노래 들어 봤어요? 정말 좋아요.
Have you heard this song? It’s really good.
B: 그래요? 누구 노래인데요?
Really? Who sings it?

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