[Korean grammar] -(으)ㄴ 나머지 Expressing Results and Retrospection


가: 투안 씨, 어제 발표 잘했어요?
Tuan, did your presentation go well yesterday?

나: 잘하기는요. 발표 때문에 너무 긴장한 나머지 말도 더듬거 리고 딸꾹질까지 했다니까요.
Far from it. I was so nervous about giving the presentation that I was stuttering and even hiccupping.

가: 아, 그래서 오늘 사람들이 투안 씨만 보면 ‘딸꾹딸꾹’ 하는군요. 딸꾹질이 발표 도중 나왔으면 굉장히 당황했겠어요.
Oh, so that’s why people are mimicking your hiccup sound when they see you today. That must have been really embarrassing to start hiccupping in the middle of your presentation.

나: 당황한 나머지 사람들이 질문을 하는데 아무 생각도 안 나고 멍하게 쳐다만 보고 있었어요. 정말 너무 창피해서 생각하고 싶지도 않아요.
I was so embarrassed that I couldn’t even think about what people were asking me questions about. I just stared back at them in a daze. I’m so ashamed that I don’t even want to think about it.

(으)ㄴ 나머지 is used to indicate that some continuing action or situation eventually results in some other situation or state of affairs. It is usually used to denote the exacerbation of the content in the preceding clause to an extreme or unsustainable degree, the result of which is then given in the following clause.

• 그 회사는 무리하게 확장한 나머지 재정적 위기를 맞게 되었다.
That company expanded to an excessive degree, resulting in financial difficulties.

• 남편은 아내의 임신 소식을 듣자 너무 기쁜 나머지 크게 소리를 질렀다.
The husband was so elated to hear of his wife’s pregnancy that he yelled at the top of his lungs.

• 수지 씨는 오디 션에서 떨어졌다는 말에 크게 실망한 나머지 진로를 바꿀까 고민도 했었다고 한다.
Suji said she was so disappointed that she didn’t pass the audition that she considered changing her career path.

This expression requires the subjects of the preceding and following clauses to be the same.
• 실수로 경기를 망친 김 선수는 속상한 나머지 유진 씨는 3일 내내 울었다. (X)
->실수로 경기를 망친 김 선수는 속상한 나머지 (김 선수는) 3일 내내 울었다. (〇)

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