N이나/나³ Roughly ask how many in numbers or how much in quantity.

신입생 환영회는 어땠어요?
How was the welcoming party for the freshmen?
선배님들이 아주 따뜻하게 환영해 줬어요.
The seniors welcomed us very warmly.
신입생이 몇 명이 왔어요?
How many freshmen came?
한 삼십 명쯤 온 것 같아요.
I guess about thirty people came.
많이 왔네요. 뭐 했어요?
Many people came. What did you guys do?
신입생이 한 명씩 자기소개를 했어요. 게임도 하고요.
Freshmen did their self-introduction one by one. We also played some games.
한 달에 책을 몇 권이 읽으세요?
How many books do you read per month?
집에서 회사까지 몇 분이 걸려요?
How many minutes does it take from your house to your company?
빵을 몇 개샀니?
How many pieces of bread did you buy?
Related words
신입생 a freshman
환영회 a welcoming party
환영하다 to welcome
-씩 (number) by (number)
자기소개 a self-introduction
게임 a game

빵 bread



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