V+ 어/아/여 달라다


단체 채팅방에 공지사항이 올라왔는데 이번 주 경제학 수업이 휴강이래.
A notice has been posted in the group chat room that this week’s economic class has been canceled.
기말고사 때문에 보강해야 할 텐데 교수님이 언제 하신대?
We should have a makeup lesson (class) for final exams; when will the professor have one?
교수님께서 학생들에게 보강이 가능한 날짜를 채팅방에 올려 달라셨어.
The professor asked the students to post a possible date for a makeup lesson (class) in the chatroom.
나도 채팅방을 확인해야겠다. 그런데 설마 주말에 보강하지는 않겠지?
I should check the chat room, too. But, it’s highly improbable that he’s going to have a makeup lesson (class) on the weekends, right?
지금까지 채팅방에 글이 올라온 것으로 봐서는 다음 주말에 할 것 같아.
Since it has been posted on the group chat room till now, It seems like it will be next week.
난 주말에는 시간을 낼 수 없는데 보강도 출결 확인을 할까?
I cannot spare time on the weekends, do you they will check attendance (and/or absence)?

V+ 어/아/여 달라다
As it is attached to an action verb’s stem, it is used when the speaker transfer or deliver what he heard his contents of demanding or requesting. ‘-어/아/여 달라고 하다’ is the expression of an abbreviation form which is indirect quotation expression of ‘-어/아/여 주십시오’ that the original speaker requires to the listener to whom could to do his behavior for himself, the speaker.

‘-어/아/여 주라고 하다’ is used when the behavior of the listener is influential to the other person besides the speaker.’-아 달라다’ is used when the last syllable of an action verb’s stem is ‘ㅏ, ㅗ’. Other than that, ‘-어 달라다’ is used, if the other vowels are ㅓ,ㅜ,ㅡ,ㅣ. ‘-여(해) 달라다’ is used if ‘하-‘ is used.

영수가 자기가 준비한 파티에 모두 참석해 달래.
Young Su wants everyone to participate in his party that he’s prepared for.

스티브 씨가 그 일을 주말까지 모두 끝내 달랍니다.
Mr. Steve asks that all tasks should be completed all by the weekend.

동생이 과자를 사 달래서 슈퍼마켓에 가는 길이야.
I am on the way to Super Market due to my younger sibling asking me to buy him a snack.

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경제학 economics
휴강 cancel a class (lecture)
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출결 attendance (and/or absence)



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