V+ 을래/ㄹ래. Express the speaker’s intention in an informal speech form


V+ 을래/ㄹ래.

It is used to express the speaker’s intention in an informal speech form. It is mostly used in very close relationships.
당장 오늘부터 야식을 그만 먹을래.
I will stop eating late-night snacks immediately starting from today.
이번 시험은 너무 어려울 것 같은데 그냥 포기할래.
I will give up because this coming exam seems to be very difficult.
오늘도 운동하러 안 나갈 거야?
Aren’t you going out today to exercise?
오늘은 너무 더워서 집에서 쉴래. 이런 날 운동하면 쓰러질 거야.
It’s so hot today that I will take a rest at home. I might fall down if I exercise in this weather.
지난주에도 계속 비가 와서 운동 못 했는데 언제 할 거야?
We couldn’t exercise because it kept raining last week. So when are you going to do some exercise?
내일은 꼭 할게.
I will do it tomorrow for sure.
오늘 쉬면 내일은 더 하고 싶지 않을 거야.
If you take a rest today, you won’t feel like doing it tomorrow even more.
아니야, 내일은 꼭 같이 운동하자. 오늘까지만 쉴래.
No, let’s exercise tomorrow for sure. I will take a rest until today.
Related words
쓰러지다 to fall down
당장 immediately
ex, former
그만하다 to stop

포기하다 to give up

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