V/A+ 는다더니/ㄴ다더니/다더니


V/A+ 는다더니/ㄴ다더니/다더니

It is attached to an action verb or a descriptive verb to talk or ask about something based on the information that the speaker has heard in the past. It’s an abbreviation of ‘-는다고 하더니’.

부모님을 뵈러 고향에 다녀온다더니 잘 갔다 왔어요?
I heard you went to your hometown to see your parents. How have you been?

리에 씨가 요즘 공부를 열심히 한다더니 진짜였네요. 몇 시간째 꼼짝도 안 하고 책을 보고 있어요.
I heard that Rie is studying hard these days, and it turns out to be true. She’s been reading books for hours without moving.

영수가 요즘 몸이 안 좋다더니 오늘 병원에 갔나 봐요.
I heard Youngsoo was in poor health these days and it seems like he went to the hospital today.


장 보러 간다더니 장바구니가 왜 이렇게 비었어요?
Why is your shopping basket so empty? I heard you were going out shopping.
채솟값이 너무 비싸서 살 수가 있어야지요. 한 두 배는 오른 것 같아요.
I couldn’t buy them because the price of the vegetables was so high. I think the price has almost doubled.
올해 가뭄이 심해서 채솟값이 전반적으로 다 올랐대요. 생산량이 줄어드니까 가격이 오르는 거지요.
I heard that this year’s drought is severe and that the price of vegetables has gone up in general. It’s going up because of the lowering of production.
최근에 우리 고향에서도 가뭄으로 밀 수확량이 30% 정도 감소했다고 하더라고요.
I heard that there has been a 30 percent drop in wheat crops in my hometown recently due to the drought, too.
가뭄이 한국만의 문제가 아니군요.
Seems like drought isn’t the problem of only in Korea.
지구 온난화로 강수량이 줄어드는 거래요. 앞으로 가뭄이 더 심해질 수도 있다니 걱정이에요.
The rainfall is reduced due to global warming. I’m afraid the drought may going to get worse.

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Related words
전반적 general
생산량 production
줄어들다 to decrease
수확량 yield, crop
지구 온난화 global warming
강수량 rainfall

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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