V/A+ 는다/ㄴ다/다 싶은데도


V/A+ 는다/ㄴ다/다 싶은데도

It is attached to the stem of an action verb or a descriptive verb when a different behavior or feeling that doesn’t accord with the speaker’s subjective feeling is included in the following clause.

우리 아이는 잘 먹는다 싶은데도 왜 키가 크지 않는지 모르겠어요.
My child seems like he eats well, but I don’t know why he doesn’t grow much.

나는 엄마에게 많이 연락한다 싶은데도 엄마는 나한테 연락 좀 자주 하라고 하셔.
I feel like I give her a call often, but she tells me to contact her more often.

그 부장님은 성격이 좀 이상하다 싶은데도 부원들에게 평판이 좋아.
The manager seems to have a strange personality, but he has a good reputation among with staff.


이 건물 멋지지 않니? 올해의 건축 디자인 대상을 받은 건물이래.
Isn’t this building cool? It won the grand prize for architectural design of the year.

아, 그렇구나. 어쩐지 건물 디자인이 좀 색다르다는 생각을 했어.
Oh, I see. That’s why I felt the design of the building was a little different.

그런데 이 건물은 디자인도 디자인이지만 주변 자연과 조화를 잘 이루고 있어서 좋은 평가를 받았대.
But this building not only for its design but also got a good evaluation for its harmony with the surrounding nature.

그 말을 듣고 보니 건물이 마치 산의 한 부분인 것 같네. 미끄러지듯 낮아지면서 냇가와도 자연스럽게 어울리고.
Hearing that it seems like the building looks like a part of the mountain. It’s sliding down and goes naturally with the stream.

그렇지! 어떤 건물은 건물 자체의 디자인은 멋지다 싶은데도 왠지 어색하게 느껴지는 경우도 있어.
That’s right! Some buildings may look nice in their own designs, but sometimes they look awkward.

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맞아, 주변과 어울리지 못하는 건물을 좋은 건축물이라고 하기는 어렵지.
Yes, it’s hard to call a building that doesn’t fit in with its surroundings a good one.

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Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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