V/A+ 는다던데/ㄴ다던데/다던데


유양 씨, 답답한데 왜 창문을 다 닫아 놨어요?
Ms. Yu Yang, it’s stuffy, why do you have all the windows closed?
아래층에 이사 온 사람이 자꾸 창가에서 담배를 피워서 연기가 다 올라오거든요.
The person who moved in downstairs keeps smoking at the window so the smoke reaches the top.
불편하겠어요. 경비실에 말해 봤어요?
Seems inconvenient. Have you tried telling the security office?
말해도 그때뿐이고 며칠 후에 또 피워요.
Even though I tell them, it’s only for that moment and a few days after he smokes again.
요즘 이런 문제를 중재해 주는 기관이 있다던데 한번 알아보세요.
These days, I heard there are agencies that arbitrate these sorts of issues, try to find out.
그래야겠어요. 안 그래도 간접 흡연이 더 해롭다고 들어서 걱정이었거든요.
I’ll have to do that. I’ve heard that secondhand smoking is more harmful, so I’ve been concerned.

V+ 는다던데/ㄴ다던데
A+ 다던데

As it is attached to an action verb’s stem or descriptive verb’s stem, it is used when he persuades or suggests as if he hears about the past indirectly and when he asks a question. ‘-는다던데’ is the abbreviated form of ‘-는다고 하던데’.

‘-ㄴ다던데’ is used if the ending of an action verb’s stem is a vowel or ‘ㄹ’. Other than that, ‘-는다던데’ is used if it ends with a consonant, ‘-다던데’ is used if it ends with the descriptive verb’s stem.

은행에 취직하면 월급을 많이 받는다던데 사실이에요?
I heard that he will get a high salary if he gets a job at the bank?

그 백화점에서 오늘 세일을 한다던데 같이 갑시다.
He heard that there is a sale today at the department store, let’s go together.

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우빈 씨, 저 식당 음식이 맛있다던데 가 봤어요?
Mr. Woo Bin, I heard that that restaurant’s food is delicious, did you go?

Related words
아래층 downstairs
연기 smoke
중재 arbitration
기관 agency
간접 흡연 secondhand smoking
해롭다 to be harmful

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