V+ 는다고/ㄴ다고 하던데, A+ 다고 하던데


이 핸드폰이 어때요? 마음에 드세요?
How about this phone? Do you like it?
네, 그런데 이 제품은 파일을 다운로드하는 게 어렵다고 하던데 정말 그런가요?
Yes. But, I’ve heard that this product has difficulty in downloading files, is that true?
며칠만 사용하시면 익숙해지실 거예요.
You’ll get used to it if you use it for a few days.
참! 용량이 제일 큰 게 어떤 거예요? 저는 사진을 많이 저장해요.
Oh yeah! Which one has the largest storage capacity? I save a lot of pictures.
이게 제일 용량이 큰데 이 제품으로 드릴까요?
This one has the largest storage capacity. Should I offer you this product?
네, 그것으로 주세요.
Yes, please give me that one.

V+ 는다고/ㄴ다고 하던데
A+ 다고 하던데

It is used with an action verb or descriptive verb stem. It is used when to make sure about what you hear from someone, like a suggestion about action, or when persuading someone. It is used as an expression with the usage of indirect quotation, ‘-는다고/ㄴ다고/다고 하다’, and combining ‘-던데’ for past tense.

‘ -는다고 하던데’ is used if it ends with a consonant of an action verb stem. ‘-ㄴ다고 하던데’, is used if it ends with a vowel . ‘-다고 하던데’ is used if it ends with a descriptive verb stem.

오늘 밤에 눈이 많이 온다고 하던데 우산을 가지고 갑시다.
Let’s take our umbrella out since there will be heavy snow tonight.

감기에 걸렸을 때는 생강차가 좋다고 하던데 한번 드셔 보세요.
Please try to drink ginger tea which is very effective when you catch a cold.

제주도 경치가 아름답다고 하던데 같이 갈까요?
Shall we go to Jeju Island where has beautiful sceneries?

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파일 file
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저장하다 to save in (computer)
용량 capacity

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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