[KIIP level 5] Lesson 9: 한국의 보육제도 Childcare system in South of Korea

<Page 47> SECTION 1: 출산과 보육을 지원하는 제도에는 무엇이 있을까? 


출산: childbirth; delivery; labor
보육: nurture; upbringing
장려하다: to encourage
부담: burden; obligation
줄이다: to turn down; to reduce; to cut; to cut down on
임신: pregnancy
각종: varieties; all kinds; all sorts
중앙: middle, being central
국가바우처사업: National voucher project
국민행복카드: National Happiness Card
>> Visit the link for further information: http://www.voucher.go.kr/
일부: part; some; portion; fraction
지원하다: to support
별도: separate one; extra one
각: each; every
지자체: local autonomous entity; local government
별로: specially; particularly; according to, by …Ex: 나이별로 앉으세요. Please sit down by age
장려금: subsidy
조건: condition
상세하다: detailed
사항: matters; things; details
문의하다: to ask; to inquire
영아: infant (0 ~ 2 years old)
유아: pre-schooler; toddler; baby (3 ~ 5 years old)
-와/과 마찬가지로: as well as, to be the same with
유형: type; category
어린이집: nursery (0 ~ 5 years old)
유치원: kindergarten (3 ~ 5 years old)
취학: entering school
미만: being under; being below
연령: age
양육수당: home care allowance
지급되다: to be paid
소득: income; earning
재산: asset; property

절차: procedure
제출: submission
수령 : receipt, receive
지정하다: to designate
요양기관: medical care/treatment agency/, medical care/treatment institution

<Page 48> SECTION 2: 영·유아를 위한 보육과 교육은 어디에서 담당할까? 


담당하다: to take charge of
어린이집: nursery (0 ~ 5 years old)
취학: entering school
설립하다: to establish; to found
국·공립: public institution
사립: being private
민간인: civilian
교회: church
성당: Catholic church
종교: religion
단체: group; society; association
세우다: to raise up; to make something stand; to establish
돌보다: to take care of
평일: weekday
운영되다: to be managed; to be operated; to be run
공휴일: public holiday
유치원: kindergarten (3 ~ 5 years old)
종일 : the entire day
맞벌이 가정: a double-income family
중요성: importance, significance, gravity
더욱: more; further
높아지다: to get higher, to rise
오랫동안: for ages long, for a long time

구비서류: required documents
제출하다: to submit

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