[Korean grammar] ‘르’ 불규칙 (Irregular Conjugation)


댄 씨는 노래를 잘 불러서 인기가 많아요. (부르다)
Dane is popular because he can sing well.

출근 시간에는 지하철이 버스보다 빨라요.(빠르다)
The subway is faster than the bus during rush hour.

저는 영어를 몰라요.(모르다)
I don’t speak English.

Grammar Focus:
For most verb and adjective stems that end in 르, the ㅡ of 르 is omitted, and an additional ㄹ is added to form ㄹㄹ.

A: 준호 씨, 머리 잘랐어요? 멋있네요.
Junho, Did you cut your hair? It’s stylish.
B: 그래요? 고마워요.
Really? Thanks.

A: 에릭 씨와 제이슨 씨는 쌍둥이인데 얼굴이 안 닮았어요.
Eric and Jason are twins, but they don’t resemble each other.
B: 네, 성격도 많이 달라요.
Right, and their personalities are really different, too.

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