[Korean grammar] A-(으)ㄴ가요?, V-나요? Additional Endings

한국 친구가 많은가요?
Do you have a lot of Korean friends?

나를 사랑하나요?
Do you love me?

주말에 재미있게 보내셨나요?
Did you have a pleasant weekend?

Grammar Focus:
-(으)ㄴ가요? and -나요? are used to politely and gently ask somebody a question and correspond to ‘Is/Were there…?’,‘Is/Was it…?’, ‘Are/Were you…?’ or ‘Do/Did you…?’ in English. For adjectives, when the stem ends in a vowel, -ㄴ가요? is used, and when it ends in a consonant, -은가요? is used. For verbs, -나요? is added to the stem.

A: 오늘 시간이 있나요? Do you have time today?
B: 네, 있는데 왜 그러세요? Yes, I do, but why do you ask?

A: 요즘 바쁜가요? Are you busy these days?
B: 아니요, 그렇게 많이 바쁘지 않아요. No, I’m not that busy.

A: 댄 씨 어머님이 언제 서울에 오시나요? 
Dane, when is your mom coming to Seoul?
B: 다음 주에 오실 거예요. She’s coming next week.

A: 몇 시에 집에서 출발할 건가요?
What time will you leave your house?
B: 조금 이따가 할 거예요.
I’ll leave in a few minutes.

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