V/A+ 는다/ㄴ다/다 싶다


V/A+ 는다/ㄴ다/다 싶다

It is attached to the stem of an action verb or a descriptive verb when the speaker exposes or decides on something based on his empirical recognition. The speaker is telling his subjective opinion.

뉴스를 보면 저출산으로 인한 고령화 문제가 아주 심각하다 싶어요.
When I watch the news, the problem of aging due to the low birth rate is very serious.

요즘 한국어 실력이 많이 늘었다는 이야기를 자주 들어요. 언어 교환을 하길 잘했다 싶어요.
I often hear that my Korean has improved a lot these days. I think it was good to have a language exchange.

맛을 보고 좀 짜다 싶어서 물을 넣었더니 싱거워졌어요.
I thought it was a bit salty that I added some water, but it became bland.


어젯밤에 집이 흔들린다 싶었는데 지진이 났었대요.
I felt like my house was shaking last night, and it turned out that there was an earthquake.
저도 긴급 재난 문자를 받았는데 진도 3의 약진이 있었다네요.
I also received the message of emergency disaster, they say there was a weak earthquake with a magnitude of three.
한국에서는 지진이 자주 일어나지 않아서 그런지 약진에도 민감해지는 것 같아요.
I think I get sensitive to even a small earthquake because earthquakes don’t occur often in Korea.
강진이 오면 큰 피해를 볼 수 있으니까 지진에 경각심을 가지는 건 좋아요.
It’s good to be alert to earthquakes because a strong earthquake can cause serious damage.
저는 지진이 나면 대피할 때 쓰려고 생존 배낭까지 준비했어요.
I even prepared a survival knapsack for evacuation in the event of an earthquake.
그런 것도 중요하지만 국민들을 대상으로 지진 대피 훈련을 한다든가 건물의 내진 설계를 의무화한다든가 하는 정부 차원의 대책이 필요해요.
Those are important, but government-level measures such as conducting earthquake evacuation drills for the public or requiring buildings to be designed to be earthquake-resistant are needed.

Related words
긴급 재난 문자: message of emergency disaster
It refers to text messages sent urgently by the government, the Korea Meteorological Administration, or each local government to help the public prepare for disasters such as typhoons, floods, or earthquakes.
진도 earthquake magnitude
약진 small earthquake
강진 strong earthquake
경각심 alerts
대피 evacuation
생존 배낭: survival knapsack
It means the backpack that is pre-packaged with items such as water and food for survival so one can evacuate quickly in times of disaster such as war or earthquake.
내진 설계 earthquake-resistant design
의무화 require, make something mandatory
대책 measure

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute


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