V/A+ 었/았/였으면 좋겠어요. Express the speaker’s wishes.

이번에 문학상 받은 작가를 알아요?
Do you know the author who has received the literature award recently?
네, 알아요. 국내에서는 유명한데 외국에서는 별로 유명하지 않은 것 같아요.
Yes, I do. He/she is famous in the country, but he/she doesn’t seem to be famous in foreign countries.
아마 외국어로 번역된 작품이 별로 없어서 그럴 거예요. 그런데 이번에 상을 받아서 해외에서도 좀 유명해졌어요.
Maybe that is because there are few works of his/hers that have been translated into foreign languages. He/she has received the award recently, so he/she has become somewhat popular in foreign countries.
이번에 상 받은 작품을 읽어 보셨어요?
Have you read the novel that received the award?
네, 너무 재미있어서 하룻밤에 다 읽었어요.
Yes, it was so interesting that I read it through overnight.
저도요. 다음 작품도 빨리 나왔으면 좋겠어요.
So did I. I wish the next work would be released quickly.
V/A+ 었으면/았으면/였으면 좋겠어요.
It is used to express the speaker’s wishes.
빨리 어른이 됐으면 좋겠어요.
I wish I could become a grown-up soon.
요즘 가뭄이 심해서 걱정이에요. 빨리 비가 왔으면 좋겠어요.
I am worried because the drought is getting worse these days. I wish it would rain soon.
엄마가 저를 이해했으면 좋겠어요.
I wish my mom would understand me.
Related words
문학상 a literature award
국내 in the country
외국어 a foreign language
번역되다 to be translated
해외 overseas
하룻밤 an overnight
가뭄 a drought


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