[KIIP level 5] Lesson 11: 한국의 교육열 Educational fervor in Korea

<Page 55> SECTION 1: 한국은 왜 대학진학률이 높을까? 

대학진학률: University entrance rate
이루어지다: to be done; be formed; be achieved
특수목적 중학교: Special purpose middle school
해당되다: to correspond to; to be equivalent to; to be tantamount to
진학하다: to enter a higher education institution
마치다: to complete; to finish
비율: ratio; proportion
OECD: The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
평균: average; mean
이수: completion
희망하다: hope; wish
대학수학능력시험: College Scholastic Ability Test
치르다: to experience
졸업 예정자: a graduate-to-be
실시되다: to be executed; to be enforced; to be implemented
논술: discourse; statement; enunciation
거치다: to go through
경제협력 개발기구: (OECD) Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
최고: the highest; top; the best
수준: standard; norm
달하다: to accomplish; to achieve; to reach
사회적 지위: one’s social position/ standing
상승시키다: to rise; to increase
인식되다: to be recognized; to be perceived
물론: of course
배경: background
임금: wage; pay
영향: influence
연봉: annual salary
전문대: junior college
집계되다: to be totaled; to be aggregated
학력별: By educational background
임금차이: Wage difference
나타나다: to show up, to appear; to come into sight
사회적인 지위: one’s social position/ standing
유리하다: isolate, favorable; advantageous
경쟁: competition
치열하다: fierce; intense
벌어지다: to occur; to happen (bad incident)
감당하다: to cope with; to manage; to handle
기꺼이: willingly; gladly
나타나다: to show up, to appear; to come into sight

엿: A sticky sweet that is made by fermenting steamed rice with malt, heating the fermented rice at a low temperature until it becomes liquid and then reducing it to make it sticky.
찹쌀떡: glutinous rice cake
붙다: to stick to; to cling to
찍다 to pick; to select; to strike
풀다 to untie, to open, to resolve; to find out

<Page 56> SECTION 2: 기러기 아빠 왜 생겼을까? 

기러기: wild goose
기러기 아빠: goose father
진학률: entrance rate
교육열: educational fervor (Passion about education)

최고: the best, the highest, top
수준: standard; norm
우수하다: excellent; remarkable; superb
인재: a talented person
이바지하다: to contribute to; to make a contribution to; to conduce to
궁극적: being ultimate; being final
발전하다: to develop, to progress
영향을 끼치다: to cause influence
평가되다: to be estimated
지나치다: extreme; severe
인하다: to result from; to be caused by; to be due to
문제점: problem; a drawback
성공하다: succeed
사교육비: cost of private education; private tutoring expenses
정규: being regular; being formal
학교교육: school education; schooling
과외: extra work, private lesson
사교육: private education
상당하다: considerable; good; sizable
부담: burden; obligation
대학 입시: College entrance examination
앞두다: to have something ahead
더욱: more; further
고3병: 고등학교 3학년 수험생이 입시 준비로 인해 겪는 스트레스, 소화불량 등과 같은 각종 질환
입시지옥: examination hell
표현하다: to express; to represent; to manifest
유리하다: favorable; advantageous
인식되다: to be recognized; to be perceived
경쟁: competition
치열하다: fierce; intense
시달리다: to be harassed
연령: age
낮아지다: to get lower
영향을 끼치다: to cause influence
조기: early phase
돈을 벌다: to make money
상황: situation; condition
열풍: strong wind
증가: growth; rise

전형: track; screening process
선발하다: to select; pick
농어촌학생: Rural student
재외국민: Overseas Koreans
특성화고교출신자: Specialized high school graduate
저소득층학생: Low-income students
무렵: around; about
고르다: equal, regular; stable
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