V/A+ 는데/은데/ㄴ데 어떻게 하지요?


큰일 났어요.
Something wrong has happened.
왜요? 무슨 일 있어요?
Why? What happened?
구두를 짝짝이로 신고 왔어요.
I am wearing an odd pair of shoes.
오늘 아침에 늦어서 그랬군요.
Maybe it was because you were late this morning.
네, 오늘 회의 때 앞에 나가서 발표를 해야 하는데 어떻게 하지요?
Yes. What should I do today as I have to make a presentation in front of the audience at the meeting?
다른 사람에게 구두를 빌려서 신는 게 좋겠어요.
You’d better borrow shoes from someone else.

V/A+ 는데/은데/ㄴ데 어떻게 하지요?
It is used when the speaker asks the listener’s opinion about an embarrassing or difficult situation that the speaker is faced with. The short form for ‘어떻게 하지요‘ is ‘어떡하지요’.

돈이 좀 모자라는데 어떻게 하지요?
What should I do as I am lacking some money?

무대가 너무 좁은데 어떻게 하지요?
What should I do as the stage is too small?

머리가 많이 아픈데 어떻게 하지요?
What should I do as I have a severe headache?

Related words
큰일이 나다 Something wrong has happened.
짝짝이 to be odd
모자라다 to lack
무대 a stage


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