[KIIP level 5] Lesson 3: 한국의 일터 Workplace in South Korea

(Page 23) Section 1: 한국인들은 어떤 일터에서 일하고 있을까?


•일터: workplace; workshop
•-는/-ㄴ 편이다: An expression used to indicate that something has a certain tendency or is classified as such, instead of being sure of it
•대략: outline; summary
•은퇴하다: to retire
•공무원 : civil servant
•안정적: being stable
•뽑다: to pull; to pick; to choose, to select
•비하다: to compare; to be comparable
•인원: personnel; number of persons
•경쟁률: competition rate
•봉급: salary; pay
•혜택: benefit; advantage
•선호하다: to prefer
•다소: more or less
•규모: size; scale; scope
•중소기업: small company; small business
•개인적: being individual
•년대: A bound noun used to refer to the time from the first year of a 10, 100, or 1000-year-period to the year before moving over to the next period.
•무렵: around; about
•대부분: most; bulk; majority
•최근 들어: recently / lately
•진학률: entrance rate
•진출: expansion
•비율: ratio; proportion
•줄어들다: to diminish
•맞벌이 부부: a couple working together for a living
•증가하다: to accelerate; to speed up
•상당수: considerable number; substantial number
•초반: early stage; initial phase
•중반: middle stage; middle phase
•겪다: to go through; to undergo; to get to know; to be acquainted with

>> KIIP 5 – Lesson 3 – Section 1 (Listening): Click here

•인간관계: human relationship; interpersonal relationship
•중시하다: value; appreciate
•각자: each; individual
•친밀하다: close; intimate
•한편: on the other hand; meanwhile; one side; one aspect; being on one hand
•출신: social status; former title; previous position
•-끼리: A suffix used to mean “only that category being together”

(Page 24) Section 2: 한국 사람들의 직장생활은 어떤 모습일까

•관공서 : government office
•멈추다: to stop; to halt
•적용되다: to be applied
•일부 : part; some; portion; fraction
•제외하다: to exclude
•영업: business
•흔히: often; commonly; usually
•근무: work
•마치다: to complete; to finish
•갖다: to have; to hold
•쌓이다: to be piled up; to be heaped; to be amassed; to be obtained
•옮기다: o move; to take; to shift
•이야기 나누다: To talk with
•이어지다: To continue

>> KIIP 5 – Lesson 2 – Section 2 (Listening): Click here

•여가: leisure; spare time; free time
•종교: religion
•갖다: to have; to hold
•초 – 중 – 말: beginning – middle – end
•해수욕장: beach
•계곡: valley
•계절별로: By season


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