V/A+ 어/아/여서 그런지


저, 환전을 하려고 하는데요. 원을 달러로 바꿔 주세요.
Well, I would like to exchange money. Please change (Korean) won into (U.S.) dollars.
얼마나 바꾸시겠습니까?
How much are you going to change?
1,000달러 바꿔 주세요. 환율이 어떻게 돼요?
Please change it to 1,000 dollars. How is the exchange rate?
지난주에 비해서 조금 떨어졌습니다.
It dropped a little bit compared to last week.
그거 참 잘됐네요.
That’s very good.
잠시만 기다리세요. 해외여행을 가는 분들이 많아서 그런지 요즘 환전하는 분들이 많으세요.
Wait a minute. There are many people who exchange money these days may be because many people go traveling abroad.

V/A+ 어서/아서/여서 그런지
It is used when the speaker expresses a supposed but unconfirmed cause or reason for the latter clause.

옆집 아이는 어렸을 때 미국에 살아서 그런지 영어를 잘해요.
A kid next door speaks fluent English maybe because he/she lived in the States when he/she was young.

우리 언니는 요가를 해서 그런지 전보다 건강해졌어요.
My elder sister got healthier than before maybe because she has practiced yoga.

날씨가 추워서 그런지 길에 사람이 많이 없어요.
There aren’t many people on the street maybe because the weather is cold.

Related words
환전 money exchange
달러 a dollar
환율 an exchange rate
전 before

Source: Yonsei University. Korean Language Institute



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